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VPS Virtua-1
1 CPU Core
30 GB Storage
$12.00 / month

VPS Virtua-2
1 CPU Core
50 GB Storage
$20.00 / month

VPS Virtua-3
2 CPU Cores
70 GB Storage
$36.00 / month

What In Fact are VPSs?

You have your own domain name and are desperately trying to find suitable hosting services and hosting packages? As you have wound up on this web page, most probably you are.

TecWeb21 Hosting is a reliable hosting accounts provider, which offers you the possibility to host an unlimited number of domains and to create an unmetered number of MySQL databases. You get unlimited hard drive space, the free-of-charge Hepsia hosting Control Panel, charge-free templates, a cheap domain name, a single-click web app installation tool and an enormous set of supplementary hosting features for only $12.00 per month. And there are no account setup taxes! And if you maintain a content-rich website, we recommend you to have a look at the VPS packages offered by TecWeb21 Hosting.

An Advanced VPS Hosting Solution

TecWeb21 Hosting offers a cheap high-performance VPS hosting solution to its clients to fulfill their ever-growing hosting requirements. All VPSs offer PostgreSQL, InnoDB and NodeJS support. With the Varnish Cache web application accelerator and the Memcached distributed memory object caching system, your sites will load faster. You can select an OS and a hosting Control Panel. You can also boost the available memory and get extra dedicated Internet Protocol addresses. Furthermore, we offer additional administration services, including weekly OS updates, custom software activation and script troubleshooting services.