Solved: BSODs keeps coming even after Factory Resetting my PC

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  • Even after you uninstall and delete the printers using the above methods, the Add a printer page may still show your old printers.
  • You can also manually reinstall Windows with the Dell Operating System Installation Disc.
  • Right-click on the printer device and select the ‘Update Driver’ option.
  • But this rule only works in normal traffic under good weather conditions.

When you do a clean install, you remove the previous version of Windows and replace it with Windows 10. The crucial thing is that your hard drive is erased – that’s how the existing operating system is removed. Technically, the partition containing the OS is erased.

Outdated drivers

So, manually resetting the graphics drivers will help you fix the issue as Windows is not doing it automatically. All these are an indication that there is some error in your graphics card driver. Windows 10 and 11 is intuitive in these situations, and it resets the drivers on its own.

How to View All Recently Updated Drivers in Windows

Let’s understand how to fix Windows update issues for Windows 11. The basic troubleshooting steps to fix the Windows updates issues for Windows 11 are shared in this document. Most of the update issues are solved by just restarting the Windows 11 PC. Windows 11 upgrade is possible only when your PC meetsminimum hardware requirements.

realtek usb gbe family controller driver download windows 11

Deciding On Rapid Plans In Driver Updater

In this case, it becomes impossible for you to uninstall or remove it again. When your printer is removed, come back to the Services window. Then, right-click the Print Spooler service and choose Start from the menu. To verify if this method was successful, close the elevated Command Prompt and restart your computer. At the next startup, see whether your printer is still among the devices list. If it is, move over to the other methods below. At the next startup, see whether the printer has disappeared from the devices list.